The Best Power Banks You Should Not Miss

Smartphones have a lot to live up to these days. Intense gaming sessions with friends, frantic conversations to send across the latest memes, and plenty of photo-taking to make sure your life is Insta-worthy. With so much going on, the last thing you want is for your phone battery to die on you. What to do, then? Enter fast-charging power banks. From lightweight and portable models to wireless power banks that you can simply place your phone on, here are our picks of the best power banks for you.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3

If you are looking for the best power bank for your buck, Xiaomi power banks are the one for you. While Mi Power Banks are easily overlooked for their minimalist designs, they actually boast some of the fastest charging rates. Need a recommendation? Try the Mi Power Bank 3! One of its key features is its ability to fast charge two devices simultaneously. This can be extremely helpful since large capacity power banks tend to have slow charging times. But thanks to Xiaomi power banks, this won’t be a problem. The Mi Power Bank 3’s high density batteries also allow for multiple charges across Android and Apple devices. In addition, the battery’s 15.3mm thin body makes it one of the slimmest high capacity power banks.


Two-Way SuperCharger 10000mAh Power Bank

You don’t have to own a Huawei smartphone to enjoy this sleek and elegant power bank. The Huawei AP09S Two-Way SuperCharger Power Bank is one of the best power banks that combines function and design. Its black matte casing and smooth texture is something for the eyes to marvel at but it’s not just a pretty power bank. Under its metallic body is a supercharging powerhouse. This Huawei power bank features a two-way supercharging capability. What’s that? Well, you can get your phone to about half its battery capacity within 30 minutes of charging. At the same time, it only takes about two and a half  hours to charge the power bank itself. It’s a great option for folks in need of a quick charge while on the go.

Samsung Battery Pack Power Bank

As the brand of innovation — you can trust Samsung to provide the best in technology and design. That’s why with the Samsung Battery Pack Power Bank, you get the best of both worlds! At a glance, the Samsung power bank is designed for maximum portability with its compact design and wrist strap. Beyond its user-friendly design, the 5100 mAh battery features two full charges with Samsung Fast Charge technology that will keep your devices charged on the go.

Miniso Quick Charge Power Bank

While it’s one thing to have a huge power bank with tonnes of capacity this also usually means you’ll be lugging a heavier power bank., Fortunately, Miniso’s Quick Charge Power Bank offers the best of both worlds by being light, portable and of high capacity. With 10000mAh and a minimalist, slim design that allows it to fit snugly in your pockets, you’ll never need to fret about bulging pockets and 1% battery charge on your devices again!

Anker PowerCore 13400

Nintendo Switch Edition Powerbank

Are you a big fan of Nintendo Switch games? Then you might want to consider investing in Anker’s PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition power bank! It’s a power bank that is best suited for your console device, especially if you often play your games remotely. This unique power bank has been calibrated to the power needs of the Nintendo Switch consoles and can provide up to 10 hours of additional remote play time. You don’t even need to stop gaming while it charges your Switch!

Need to charge other devices as well? The PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition also supports charging for other USB compatible devices like your mobile phone. Just make sure you have the right cable for the job and you’re set for a much-needed charge!

Aukey PB-T11 V2

If gaming on your Nintendo Switch for extended periods is your main consideration, why not give Aukey’s PB-T11 V2 a shot? With 30000mAh of power, owning this Aukey power bank will guarantee that your devices will never run out of battery again! Combining its gigantic 30000mAh capacity with Quick Charge 3.0, you’ll be able to power all kinds of devices and charge them up to full within minutes.

Goal Zero Venture 30

Seeking the best power banks in Singapore that are also environmentally friendly? The Goal Zero Venture 30 with Nomad 7 solar panel will be right up your alley especially if you’re often outdoors. With its solar panel, you can charge the power bank even without a power outlet. Just prop it up on its side outdoors and let nature do the work. This solar powered power bank even has a protective and rugged casing that prevents damage from shock and dust – perfect for outdoor environments.

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