Popular Japanese Beauty Brands that we recommend

Japan’s contribution to pop culture is not only limited to anime and instant noodles. There are also quite several internationally-renowned makeup brands which traced its origins from Japan. 

Shiseido is probably the most famous amongst all the Japanese makeup brands.

However, there are a lot of Japanese cosmetics brands which delivers excellent products. Here we have a list of popular Japanese cosmetics brands and we are sure that you will get to love them.


CANMAKE is one of the most popular affordable Japanese make up brands, and they boast of a pretty extensive line of beauty products ranging from eye make-up and face products.

This Japanese cosmetic brand was launched almost over 30 years ago, but it remains relevant up to this time. If you to try your hand at Kawaii Japanese makeup, you should check out CANMAKE cosmetics line. 


It might sound weird to have Daiso in this list, as this store is one of the famous ‘100 yen shops’ available in different countries. The store might be recognized for its make up products, but to those who do not know, Daiso has an extensive offering of inexpensive cosmetics items such as silicone face mask and slim lipsticks. 


Just like Daiso, Cando is more popular as a ‘100 yen shop,’ but they also offer excellent quality cosmetic products. Though these items are inexpensive, they are of excellent quality, and there is a wide range of selection to choose from. So, if you were traveling in Japan and thought of buying souvenirs, why don’t you pick one of CanDo’s cosmetics?


Widely available in drugstores all over Japan, Cezanne make up products are of high quality at a low price. They offer a good selection of makeup products for the eyes, lips, and face, as well as nail products. As a company, Cezanne commits to be kind to the earth, kind to customers, and kind to the skin.


Coffret d ‘or is a department store subset of a big cosmetic brand, Kanebo. It is a premium line of cosmetic products such as blush, eyeliner, eyebrow, lipsticks, and more. It also carries other cosmetic brands aside from Kanebo, which are also popular among Japanese and makeup enthusiasts from other countries, as well. 


A makeup brand known for its purifying makeup items, Lunasol prides itself as the master of color and innovation in makeup and skincare. It was established on the philosophy that putting makeup in the morning is a ritual designed to bring out a more refined skin.


Kikushigyo’s Kikumasamune is a milky moisturizer that can be used for the face and the body to moisturizes and condition it. Best used for dry skin, this moisturizer contains pure rice brew ‘sake’ or Japanese rice wine. During the olden times, geisha uses sake to remove their heavy makeup and to keep their skin and hair soft. 


One of the world’s top health and beauty brands DHC prides itself for its products that are olive oil-based. Olive oil is best known for its moisturizing anti-oxidant and vitamin-rich properties, washing away impurities while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture. 


Considered as one of the outstanding cosmetics brands from Japan, Flowfushi is known for its unique ingredient called “end mineral” that increases blood circulation. Among the most popular products from Flowfushi are its lip treatment in limited-edition shades and their signature mascara, which is available in different colors and designs. 


The brand Dr. Ci: Labo is a medical cosmetics and skin care brand in Japan. In 1995, Dr. Yoshinori Shirono, a dermatologist, found out from his patients that there are no available products in the market that can solve their skin problems. Today, Dr. Ci: Labo’s products such as cleansers, mask, moisturizers, serum, sun protection, and toners are known to hydrates and whiten the skin. 


Dejavu is a Japanese brand of mascara and eyeliners. Launched in 2001, the brand’s liquid fiber-rich mascara is smudge-proof, rub-proof, and smear resistant. It’s silky smooth, and flake-proof film formula gives the lashes a soft texture and maximum fullness. On the other hand, the award-winning eyeliners stay in place for as long as 24 hours.  


Known for inexpensive cosmetic items that give a trendy and edgy look, Excel is an award-winning brand well-loved in Japan for over 30 years. One of its popular products is the 3-in-1 eyebrow make up tool that has a pencil, powder, and brush. For Excel, everyone can create a gorgeous look even without professional make up experience. 


K-Palette is a Japanese cosmetic brand that carries one of the best and top-selling eyeliner and eyebrow liner that stays for 24 hours. The water-resistant eyebrow liner contains a translucent ink that helps prevent over-darkened eyebrows while the waterproof eyeliner is known for being smudge-proof and easy to apply.


In French, ‘Et Tu sais?” means “Do you know?”. Ettusais products are intended to solve skin problems through its wide range of facial wash, lip treatments, lotions, sunscreens, and creams. On the other hand, the brand’s make up line consists of lipsticks, eye color, eyeliner, and mascara, among others. 


Preservative-free beauty—this is what FANCL skin care products are batting for. With products formulated with high efficacy and safety standards, guaranteed fresh and made only with pure ingredients for radiant results. FANCL addresses health skin needs of all skin types. 


Minon Amino Moist is a leading Japanese skincare brand produced by Daiichi Sankyo, a global pharmaceutical company. It addressed the needs of sensitive and dehydrated skin through a full range of products that includes Moist Charge Lotion I and II, Moist Charge Milk, Moist Charge Barrier Cream, and Moist Charge Facial Mask.


Pure Smile is a Japanese brand known for its face mask, infused with collagen, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin healthy. Probably the most famous face mask line is the art masks which are created with unique designs depicting well-loved Japanese culture and traditions. 


Considered as a pioneer of natural cosmetics in Japan, Club Cosmetics was established way back in 1869 and continues to nurture women’s beauty up until modern times. Club Cosmetics products address diversified needs while still being gentle to the skin. 

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