How to Make Your Bed Cozier for Better Sleep

Clocked a solid eight hours in bed last night but still woke up feeling tired and restless today? Although we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, not all of it equates to quality slumber. Poor sleep quality can lead to many side effects such as a lack of concentration or simply having a nasty mood. Break this unhealthy cycle by building yourself a cozy bed! Learn how to improve sleep quality by using the right bedding accessories such as a weighted blanket or mattress protector below. Trust us, these small improvements add up to make a huge difference during bedtime!

Many of us struggle not only with falling asleep but also staying asleep throughout the night. These are the telltale signs of insomnia, a sleep disorder which may lead to dire problems such as excessive grogginess, inability to focus, increase in stress levels and even obesity. 

There are many possible causes to insomnia. This includes high stress levels as well as caffeine and alcohol consumption close to bedtime. Additionally, jet lag and shift work can ruin your body clock and disturb your regular sleep schedule, making it hard to go to bed. Likewise, stimulating the brain late in the evening through games or the use of electronic devices may also keep your brain from resting when it’s bedtime. However, with the help of the right bedding accessories, you may be able to ditch insomnia once and for all! 

A suitable mattress

When it comes to learning how to improve sleep quality, one of the main determining factors is the suitability of your mattress. Choosing the right type of mattress for your sleeping habits can greatly improve your quality of sleep quality. If you experience disruptive sleep, a memory foam mattress may just be the solution you need. Those who use it describe it as being cradled to sleep when they rest on memory foam mattresses, and this makes it less likely for them to toss around in bed. Additionally, you need not worry about waking your partner up as memory foam mattresses have excellent motion separation properties. 

Often experience back pains when you wake up from your sleep? Chances are that your mattress is too soft and not providing enough back support. Choose a firm, yet supportive mattress like a Pocketed Spring Mattress. Pocket spring mattresses are made up of hundreds of individual springs standing in pockets which help to hold your body up better than other types of mattresses. It will keep your back supported throughout the night and relieve tension.

Bed sheet

Your bed sheet is more than just a decorative bed accessory. The material actually plays a big part in how well you sleep at night. Avoid synthetic bed sheet fabrics as those can trap heat and and leave you tossing about feeling warm and icky at night. Instead, go for cotton bed sheets which are better for our tropical climate. Cotton bed sheet is soft to the touch, and will leave you feeling cool at night!

Think the colour of your bed sheets are for pure aesthetic purpose? There’s actually science to picking the palette of your sheets! Avoid loud neon colours and busy patterns that will leave your mind feeling ‘agitated’. Instead, keep to simple designs with softer hues such as white, cream, grey, baby blue or light purple shades to create a more relaxing bedroom atmosphere.

A Suitable pillow

One of the main factors to consider when you’re looking for ways on how to improve sleep quality is your pillow type. Is your pillow too soft and lack support or too rigid and strains your neck? If you said yes to any of the above, you need a pillow change! As a general rule of thumb, back sleepers should go for a thinner pillows. This keeps the head levelled with the shoulders. Likewise, stomach sleepers will need a thinner pillow that leans on the softer side. This prevents the head from being lifted too far from the shoulders which may cause back strain. Meanwhile, side sleepers should opt for thicker pillows such as the that are firmer to provide more support to the neck. As a slightly firmer pillow, it helps to keep your neck resting at its most optimal position. Say goodbye to neck aches!

Tuck yourself in with a blanket

Your body temperature gradually drops as you sleep and you’ll eventually find yourself feeling too cold without a blanket. Thus, having a nice blanket to curl up under can significantly improve your sleep quality even on the hottest nights. Furthermore, being tucked snugly into a blanket helps your body release serotonin. This is a body chemical that induces a sense of calmness and relaxation for a restful night. 

If you sleep without the air conditioning on, a cotton blanket will be more suitable as it is lightweight and doesn’t retain too much heat. Down blankets are great for those who love turning up the air conditioning to mimic Arctic conditions.

Meanwhile, those who seek a little more comfort and sense of security from their blanket will adore a Weighted Blanket . As its name suggests, a weighted blanket is a blanket filled with plastic pellets to provide additional weight of about one to 12kg. Can’t imagine how a weighted blanket will feel like on the bed? Many people describe it as the feeling of being hugged by someone or wearing the X-ray apron. The deep pressure stimulation may take some time to get used to. But it is effective at calming both adults and kids who suffer from sleep anxiety and insomnia. 

Use a mattress and pillow protector

Mattress and pillow protectors are some of the most important bedding accessories to get for your sleeping space. They are different from bed sheets and pillow covers as they are made of water-resistant material. A good mattress protector will help to prevent dirt and sweat from seeping into your mattress. This can result in a nasty smell that‘ll affect your sleep. Similarly, quality pillow protectors also prevents dust mite allergies from acting up — the main culprit behind runny nose and shortness of breath which may keep you awake all night long.

A mattress protector is even more important for ladies, especially during that time of the month! Rest without stress when you buy waterproof mattress protectors which prevents any overnight leaks from staining your mattress. Even if an accident occurs, all you need to do is to throw your mattress protector into the washer and voila, your bed is as good as new again! 

Cushion with a mattress topper

Buying a mattress can be quite an investment as some of them are very costly. Which is why many people continue to sleep on beds that are unsuitable for them, even if it means sacrificing sleep quality. Wondering how to improve sleep quality without throwing out your current mattress? You can do so simply by using a mattress topper! Mattress toppers are different from mattress protectors and bed sheets as they are stuffed and have a thickness of up to eight inches. 

Mattress toppers is a godsend when you have a hard mattress. It instantly transforms your bed into a soft cushy bliss, saving you the hassle of buying a brand new bed! Plus, it’s so easy to install the mattress topper. Simply loop the bands around the corners of your bed and lay your bed sheet over the mattress topper and mattress to complete your cozy setup! A mattress topper also doubles as a mattress protector to prevent dirt and gunk from sinking into your bed. 

Keep your sheets in place

Bed sheet clips — so small, yet so significant when you’re wondering how to improve sleep quality. With regular washing, you may notice that your bed sheets start to expand or that the elastic at the sides becomes loose. What happens when you sleep on an ill-fitting bed sheet is that it may crease or bundle up as you toss and turn in bed.  If you’re looking for alternative methods on how to improve sleep quality without tugging the bed sheets out, we suggest turning to bed sheet clips for help! 

Sink into a good night’s sleep

We hope you’re catching more Z’s now that you’ve learnt how to improve sleep quality with bedding accessories such as mattress protectors! Aside from enhancing your sleep environment, sometimes all you need is a calm mind before bedtime to avoid insomnia. Some of the essential oils for your home can also help to create the right mood and ambiance for a peaceful night. Additionally, exercising in the day can also help you sleep better at night. So give it a go and try out some easy 15-minute workout at home today!

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